Thursday, November 03, 2005

New Features at and

Welcome to my new Blog!
Now, for the first entry.
After several months of programming in PERL and CGI.PM I have built a new search utility and installed it at the main pages for and the mirror site . Many students taking courses have asked for (rightfully so) the ability to review test scores and other information. The new search utility uses the email addresses of users to find their passed tests and searches the file created from the new Notification of Completion Form to tell the users if they have submitted a Notification of Completion for a particular course. This search utility requires the same password and username as provided for taking the final or recorded tests. It is also server unique meaning that results are not revealed at and vice versa. This search utility searches a total of 36 files and uses two new PERL scripts. I started writing these programs in September, 2005 and finished on November 2, 2005.There still may be some minor bugs, but it seems to work fine so far. (Test answers marked with an x are the wrong answers.)I have also started this Blog to update you on what is going on at and report other interesting related tidbits.


Blogger Gerald Newton said...

The search routines need email vilidation. I am working on a JavaScript validator.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Randal L. Schwartz said...

First off, it's Perl (the language) or "perl" (the program), and never "PERL".

Second, I hope you've learned something in the five years since you posted your advice to everyone that Perl is a dangerous language.

8:51 AM  
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